The company achievement

Minigame runs a matrix of over 10 million monthly active users on Facebook Instant Games, providing the global social network's billions of users with a continuous stream of high-quality light entertainment game content.
The extremely long product operation ecological cycle plan, and IP entertainment planning made us patient enough to polish each product carefully.

Our success games


Pop Stone 2 has accumulated nearly 10 million users on the facebook platform. The mobile game with the same name has won unanimous praise since its initial release, and a large number of new active users are added every day. Only two months after the release of the Android version, the revenue has grown tenfold and the distribution region covers the whole world.

Crazy ball 3D

Crazy Ball 3D has tens of millions of monthly active users on Facebook Instant Games and has a huge fan base on Facebook.

Fun parkour play, delicate dynamic game screen, so that the game once online has achieved very good results

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